Forms Needed for Student Employment

Every student employee must complete new-hire paperwork; this paperwork is similar for any kind of paid employment, off-campus or on-campus. Students will need to bring these completed forms and documents to the Human Resources (HR) Office in Myrtle Hall on the 2nd floor. Students cannot begin working until these forms are received. For on-campus employment, both the student and the supervisor will be given an official start date via email by Pratt’s Payroll Department.    

Type of Hire

Supervisor Forms Needed

Student Forms Needed

Graduate Assistantship (GA)

GA Form  (Electronic Version)

W-4, I-9, WPA

Federal Work-study (FWS)

Student Work Funds (SWF)

EAF  (Electronic Version)

W-4, I-9, WPA

Special or Sponsored Project

SSP Form

W-4, I-9, WPA


  • Graduate Assistantship Form – This form is for Graduate Assistantship (GA) hires. This form is filled out by supervisors for GA positions. Departments who receive GA funding will be notified separately.
  • Employment Authorization Form- This form is for Federal Work-study (FWS) and Student Work Fund (SWF). It contains the hiring information for employment including start date, wage and the department that allows Payroll to process your student employee forms. Your supervisor must also create a hire within PrattJobs.
  • Special or Sponsored Projects Form- This form is for student employment that falls under the definition of a Special or Sponsored Project (SSP) and does not fall under FWS, SWF, or GA. Before a supervisor may hire you under SSP, they must review the position and job description with HR and/or Payroll. It contains information including your name and the department that is employing you, your wage, whether the wage is stipend or hourly and other information that allows Payroll to process your student employee forms. Students must also be hired through PrattJobs and fund must be transferred into the appropriate budget.
  • Social Security Letter (For International Students who do not have an SSN only) – This form is a letter that must be taken to the Social Security Office by these students when they apply for their SSN. Supervisors should fill out the required information, print on Pratt letterhead and sign in ink, and either send it to the Office of International Affairs (OIA) via interoffice mail or give it to the student to drop off in an envelope outside the OIA office. The student will receive an email when the form is ready to pick up.

       * Please ensure the form is printed on letterhead. Forms received without letterhead will not be accepted.

  • W-4 Form – This is a standard hiring tax form all Pratt employees complete.  Student employees who file exempt must complete a new form by February 1st on the following year.
  • I-9 Form – This is the Employment Eligibility Verification Form issued by the Department of Homeland Security, which requires that all employees hired in the U.S. provide proof of their identity and employment eligibility. A list of acceptable documents (originals only) can be found here. The forms can also download from the Forms and Information section of PrattJobs. Please note that all documents must be unexpired.
  • Wage Protection Act  (WPA) – This is a form required by The New York State Department of Labor. It informs all employees of their pay rate and payday.  This form is completed by the supervisor and must be signed and acknowledged by students when they are hired or there is a wage change.
  • W-9S – Request for Student's Identification Number and Certification to update your Social Security Number with the Registrar's Office.
  • Direct Deposit – If you would like to have your pay check deposited directly into your bank account, please register for Paylocity.  You can then login and sign up for direct deposit.  If you already have an Paylocity account login here.
  • Stop Payment Request Form –  If you have a check that needs to be replaced, please fill out and return to the payroll department. 


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