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PrattJobs is the portal for all aspects of Student Employment: from hiring to timesheet management. Students are able to apply for positions, download paperwork and manage timesheets. Supervisors can create and post positions, hire students, and maintain timesheets.

Applicants & Employees
Search for a job or sign up for e-mail notification about positions you're interested in. Enter time and submit your timesheets!! 
On-Campus Employers
Post available job positions, review applications, and hire employees. Manage employee timesheets. Employment guidelines and required documents are at your fingertips!
Important Notice:
Students & Supervisors

  • SPRING 2017 Employment Eligibility - Students must be registered for Spring '17 with at least 6 credits or more in order to be employed under student employment effective December 19, 2016. If you are not registered for Spring '17, your jobs will be closed and you will no longer be able to enter in timesheets. Please contact your supervisor if you have any questions or concerns.   


  • Students - The payroll dates provided on the payroll schedule are the dates checks are ready for pick up in the Bursar's Office, Myrtle Hall 6th Floor. Checks will be mailed  to the address you provided to the Payroll Office, one week after the date issued. Please pay close attention to the 2016-2017 Payroll Schedule for out of sequence scheduling.


  • NYC Minimum Wage is scheduled to increase on 12/31/16 to $11.00 per hour.  All students with a rate below $11.00 per hour will be increased as of 12/31/16 to $11.00. Please check back on the student employment website during the second week of January for these changes. If you are new to student employment, hiring will also begin the second week of January, please be sure to submit all applicable documents to Human Resources Myrtle Hall, 2nd Floor.


  • Supervisors please review JobX and TimesheetX Quick Tips under "On Campus Employment". This power point presentation will give you an overall view of how to navigate through the student employment website with ease. Please be sure to keep all hires up to date in preparation for the budget enhancements.
    • There will not be increases for students during the academic school year. You will have the opportunity to give your continuing students increases July 1, 2017 or when rehiring them during the beginning of the Fall '17 semester. If you give a continuing student an increase as of July 1st you may not give another increase until mandated by NYS/IRS or the following fiscal year.   
    • DO NOT hire students into duplicate jobs and please update end dates for continuing hires if students need to be extended.  
    • Email notification requests to close inactive jobs for any student currently not working.


  • The Stipend proccess has been revamped in order to better assist you with record keeping. If you are currenlty hiring any employee that receives a stipend, please visit "On Campus Employment" to view our new and improved stipend process. Please hold off on hiring for Spring '17 until you attend a training session. Please look out for e-mails containing a schedule. These class fill up quickly so please respond in a timely fashion.    
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