Student Employment Frequently Asked Questions


When will I get paid?

You can find the pay date listed on the pay period information section under your timesheet.   


You can find a list of pay dates here: 2019-2020 Payroll Schedule.  If you don’t receive a paycheck on this date you may have missed the deadline. Contact your supervisor.  Your supervisor must review your timesheet before it can be approved by Payroll and your wages paid to you. Graduate Assistantships are paid in equal installments, bi-weekly over the length of the semester. Graduate Assistants do not fill out timesheets.


Where can I pick-up my paycheck?

All checks are mailed to the address Payroll has on file.  Please consider signing up for direct deposit.  Click here to Register for Payocity to sign up a direct deposit.


I am unable to login to access my timesheet. How do I create an account?

As a registered full time student you already have an account.

Under Employees, click My Timesheets.  Use your OneKey username and password to sign in (leave off Still not working? Click the link “Forgot Password?” This will take you to a page to update your OneKey password.


I started a timesheet but missed the deadline for submitting it.  Now what do I do?

If a timesheet is not submitted to your supervisor and approved by the deadline, it will not be processed.  You can continue to edit and submit your timesheet after the deadline has passed.  It will be processed for the following pay date.


My supervisor returned my time sheet to me.  What should I do?

When your time sheet is returned to you, your supervisor will include a note that informs you what needs to be corrected before it can be approved.  Access your timesheet to revise any entries. Then resubmit for approval.


I forgot to enter time from a pay period that’s already been finalized and paid.

What should I do?

Contact your supervisor. You will not be able to alter time entries that have been finalized and paid to you.


Why can’t I enter time for a particular day?

You may not enter time for days in the future. Another reason might be that you have exceeded the maximum hours you’re allowed to work. Please contact your supervisor.


Can I start a timesheet that’s already past deadline?

When a deadline passes your time sheet will become locked. Contact your supervisor to have them unlock it for you. If you’re supervisor is unable to unlock your time sheet they will contact the Payroll office. Then follow the standard procedures for starting a timesheet, entering time, and submitting it to your supervisor.  To ensure that your supervisor understands why you’re submitting an old time sheet, you may want to email him/her or add a note at the bottom of the time sheet.


I’m a graduate student. Can I work past the date I finish classes?

Student Employment is only available to active students. Once a student finishes classes, they are no longer eligible to participate. Last day of classes for Student Employment is the last day of the semester in which the student is graduating.


What happens if I exhaust my FWS allocation?

You will no longer be able to complete your time sheet. Students must contact the Financial Aid office to see if their FWS allocation can be increased. Increases to FWS allocations are based on a student’s additional financial need.  If your FWS award cannot be increased, you may speak to your supervisor and ask to be rehired under Student Work Funds (SWF). Your supervisor must then contact Payroll to have you switched from FWS to SWF.

You may want to calculate your FWS award and make sure it covers your employment through to your end date. If not, then set a date to discuss FWS with the Financial Aid Office at least 2 weeks before your allocation is finished.  Also, discuss being rehired with your supervisor at least 2 weeks prior to the end of your award allocation. Warnings look like this:

How many hours can I work?

Students are allowed to work up to 20 hours a week during the fall and spring semester.  During winter break and summer semester, students are allowed to work up to 35 hours a week. A half hour break is required after working six (6) consecutive hours.


Can I work more than one on-campus job?

Yes you may work multiple jobs for different departments as long as you do not work more than 20 hours per week all jobs combined (35 hours for winter break and summer).


Can I sign up for direct deposit?

Yes. Students may elect to have their pay directly deposited into their bank account.  Please see above to register for Paylocity.  Here are tips for signing up for Direct Deposit. Bring this form along with a voided check or a direct deposit form from your bank to Human Resources, Myrtle Hall 2nd Floor.


Do I have to pay taxes?

Yes. Students are exempt from FICA tax (Social Security and Medicare) but they must pay federal and state taxes, and local tax if applicable.  If you’ve been advised by an accountant, parent or guardian that you have no tax liability for the current tax year you may elect to file as exempt on your W-4.  It is recommended if you file exempt, or your personal or financial situations change, that you complete a new W-4 each year.  For information about filing your taxes please CLICK HERE.


My job is still pending, when will I get approved?

Once you completed all your hire paperwork with Human Resources you should receive an email in 2-3 days from the student employment website giving you access to your timesheets. If you have not completed all your paperwork and are missing any documents this will cause a delay. If your supervisor has not given you your Employment Authorization Form (EAF) to submit to HR this will also cause a delay.


I have not been approved yet, can I start working?

It’s a good idea to make sure you are approved and your job is active before you start working.

If there was a delay with your paperwork and you are scheduled to start working make sure you follow up with your supervisor and HR to complete your hire paperwork. If your job is still pending and you can’t access your timesheets, and you are certain all your paperwork has been completed, contact HR or Payroll.


I’m an international student and have questions.

Click here for info.


I lost my paycheck, what should I do?

Contact the Payroll office, ISC Building 4th Floor.  They will help guide you through the process of replacing your lost paycheck.


How do I find an on-campus job?

From the Student Employment home page click Employees & Applicants then click  Find a Job. From here you can search all available on campus jobs and apply. If you don’t get a response try emailing the hiring supervisor.


I have applied for a few jobs but I haven’t been hired.  I really want to work.  What should I do?

Keep checking back on the Student Employment website.  Jobs open up all the time.  You can apply for as many jobs as you like before you land a job.  If you need additional help finding an on-campus job you can visit CCPD in the East Building.  They are a great resource for finding work.


I still need help, who can I talk to?

Click here.